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Therapeutic Approaches

All of the therapeutic approaches we work with are evidence based. However it's rarely the type of therapy that will be the strongest predictor of change. The therapeutic relationship you and your therapist build will always the most important factor in your recovery. 

This approach looks at relationships and how they affect our lives. Unhelpful patterns of relating to others and ourselves can lead to and maintain mental health and emotional difficulties.  
We can work with you to recognise and revise these unhelpful patterns. 

ACT focuses on identifying your values and helping you move towards them rather than feeling afraid of moving on with your life. 
Often it's all the things we do to avoid emotions that are the problem; rather than the emotions themselves. When working from this perspective we look at learning to 'sit with' rather than avoid emotions and let thoughts go rather than fighting with them. We can support you with this process and help you move on with your life. 

  CBT looks at the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We can work together from this perspective to identify unhelpful negative thinking patterns and behavioural responses and look at new ways of thinking and behaving. 
This approach can take a 'here and now' focus. Or we can think about how unhelpful styles of thinking and behaving started for you. 

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