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Ashton-Shaw Psychological Therapies
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Ashton-Shaw Psychological Therapies
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           Services I can provide 

  • Psychological assessment of mental health and emotional difficulties
  • Specialist evidence based treatment of clients' psychological and emotional difficulties 
  • Neuropsychological assessment (adult & peadiatric)

           Typical assessment & treatment areas include: 

           Anxiety difficulties 
           Panic Attacks
           Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & other trauma related difficulties
           Depression & low mood
           Chronic Pain 
           Deliberate self-harm
           Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
           Relationship problems
           Anxiety in relation to health 
           Fear of a medical procedure

           Waiting List 
           I can usually see clients within 2-4 weeks of a referral. Reports usually take an                  additional 2-3 weeks. My Liverpool clinic rooms are located at 88 Rodney Street.
           Making a Referral
           I am more than happy to be contacted via   email                                                                            / telephone (07539 081187)
           to discuss potential  referrals.
           Psychological assessment of mental health / emotional difficulties my fees are                  £100.00 per hour. Assessment involves a 2-hour semi-structured clinical                               interview; selection, application and scoring of a series of psychometric                                tests; reading of the appropriate medical records and other reports and writing a            report (about 4 hours total).
           For treatment of mental health / emotional difficulties and my fees are £100.00              per hour. Most difficulties can be addressed within 12-20 sessions. 
           Neuropsychological services are priced at £125.00 per hour. A full                                            neuropsychological assessment involves selection and application of tests;                          scoring and interpretation of results; reading of any additional pertinent                              information from previous reports and preparation of the report (for adult                          assessment around 10 hours) approximate cost £1250.00.  

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