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Neuropsychological Assessment & Intervention 

We provide a comprehensive range of neuropsychological assessment for adults, children and young people
Typical Areas of Assessment Include Assessments for Learning Disability / Learning Difficulties

This Gold Standard assessment includes cognitive and functional elements to reach a diagnosis which can support your child's application for specialist educational & social support. We can offer the assessment to younger children and to older adolescents prior to them reaching adulthood (classed as 18 years in this instance). The assessments can provide invaluable insight into academic and behavioural problems and inform individualised intervention approaches.
We offer neuropsychological assessment (usually 1-2 sessions of testing), scoring and interpretation of results, a neuropsychological report containing individualised feedback and recommendations aimed at supporting your child’s educational provider and yourself, a feedback session and additional consultation if necessary.
The feedback session is used to talk through and discuss the outcomes of testing. It is often helpful to hold these discussions with teachers / carers present and we are happy to accommodate this by traveling to a convenient location (often your child's school).
Other Neuropsychological Services 
We also offer a range of neuropsychological testing to investigate problems such as memory difficulties, impulsive behaviour, concentration difficulties and difficulties with social understanding. Please contact us to discuss further. 

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