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Ashton Shaw 
Specialist Psychology Services

Problems such as stress, anxiety and depression can arise due to many factors but these issues can soon become exacerbated through a lack of mental health and wellbeing support in the workplace. 

Workplace wellbeing, stress management and good mental health are vital for an effective and motivated business environment. 

Recent NHS data suggests that one in three 'sick notes' will be regarding a mental health issue. One-in-four adults will experience a mental health condition in any given year and mental ill health at work is estimated to
cost UK employers £26 billion each year. 

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help. I provide in-house  mental health and wellbeing training and consultation for workplaces.

Expert, bespoke training packages covering everything your team needs for positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. From introductory half and full day courses to in depth training packages designed specifically for the needs of your business.

All training packages include post course support and guidance. 

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